Specialty: Interactions of 3D scenes with servers, social networks, PCs and other networked machines.

Skills with EON Studio:
  • 3D development in JavaScript on EON Studio
  • Realization  of 3D mobile applications
  • Interaction with these and internet / SQL servers
  • UI responsive design with Android and iOS framework
  • Adaptation of programs for virtual reality to run with several immersive devices (HTC Vive, Oculus, ICube, VR Glasses, ...)
Current Activity: Study of Unity3D, 3dsMax C# revision
Soccer Application

This simulation was created with Eon Studio in JavaScript. According to the saved settings, the algorithm compiles the steps in JSON and displays a real-time 2D or virtual reality simulation.
The user interface was done by the rest of the team in C #. 3D graphic designers created the stage and players (modeling, rigging and skinning).
The special feature here is that the registration system by social networks has been completely rebuilt to avoid opening other windows or tabs (which is not possible in a native app unless you open another activity) despite SDK requirements of these networks.
This application records in the background on a server the user's profile picture, his "followers" for Twitter or friends who also use this application (user friends for Facebook).
Languages used for the smartphone part: PHP, JavaScript (Constructor & Ajax), CSS, jQuery

3D Projection Mapping on the floor

Simon game renamed Simeon was realized in one day in EON Studio for 3D immersive and interactive projection mapping on the floor. 3D models and the reflective map lava were carried out by the rest of the team. The system of waves of lava was adapted from a given VBS script that handles the CG Shader graphic card.

AR mobile application with internet interactions

Segafredo 3D is an Augmented Reality mobile app developed in a teamwork. I realized the integration script on Androidand iOS framework for the entire responsive design interface that actually handles three apps including the form + internet connection detection. The rest is done in EON Studio and 3DS Max.
This app allows you to watch the new McLaren Honda F1 in all angles when you turn around the coffee pack logo, to don virtually the combination of pilot and take pictures (selfie).
By ordering the Segafredo Zanetti logo for free via the app, you can see the McLaren Honda F1 in real scale in your garage or in a parking.
EON Idome: Installation, process study / writing and content optimization

Mission: Installation, study and writing assembly procedures, optimization with Eon Studio of new interactive application: Continuation of Police of space "Space Police". The last step was the creation of an app (apk compiled from HTML framework with JavaScript / Ajax / ActiveX, PHP and MS-DOS / Rexec) on a tablet to a remote control that accesses the videos and other interactive applications of the Idome as well as projectors.

The idome is an immersive and interactive 3D cinema by the use of joysticks for 24 people simultaneously. It allows to become an actor of the film and the experience is enhanced by seats with vibrant resonance sensors along the film.

Idome This is a unique product because the screen is 12m long and 6m high, all in a single curved piece which requires enormous precautions.
Idome Setup
Report on M6 TV (French)
3D Edutainment mobile apps about renewable energies
Based on a given template in Eon Studio, a second template was created that facilitated integration of 3dsMax models by the rest of the team and allowed the apps creation in a minimum time
However a function was created that calculates the starting position of the elements and their animations linked to the interface functions.
Integrators need only to manually enter the name of animations (keyframes) of 3DsMax and the application is complete.

3D Edutainment mobile apps about polymers
This serie was constructed as the one above. A prototype was also created for the responsive design interactive 3D cursor for the sensitive area (it does not wirk in the simulation if the screen touch sensor is not set)